Сократ медиа

About our agency

Sokrat media advertising agency was established more than 10 yaers ago.

In present development stage of market we attempt ourselves to create the stable and reliable conditions for collaboration for our clients and we propose the wide spectrum of advertising services.

Our agency is oriented to the creation of the professional strategic support of the ideas, which give maximum value to product, ensure sales and long-term work on the brand.

We segment target audience, we carry out the analysis of commodity categories and competitory medium, develop recommendations for positioning and promoting brands. On the basis of marketing researches media- strategies, media- tasks, stages of the advertizing campaign are determined,  and the optimum distribution of budget is accomplished. Our specialists  are ready to realize any complex projects. The precise and bright solutions help to report information to the exact audience, to move product to the leading positions.

For years of work we have created the friendly and reliable command of professionals with the large work experience in the advertising market.

The basic principle of our operation - success and prosperity of clients.

Our competitive advantages

If you are facing questions about how to choose the right way in the diversed world of advertising opportunities, how to well-allocate budget and to choose media that fall into your target audience as accurately as possible, please contact our advertising agency and we will be glad to get you the answers.

At this stage it is very important not to make mistakes and choose a reliable and professional partner.

Why do we recommend you to work with us?

First, we have more than 10 years of experience in advertising.

Second, our recommendations are based on current market research, we will help to organize and execute the media plan according to the optimal advertising budget.

In addition, we will not only save you all the financial terms, discounts, but will provide you with additional bonuses and discounts from our agency.

Finally, free PR coordination and informational support is promised, as well as professional assistance with ad layouts, banners and other materials.

The advantages can be considered as the ability to provide a full range of advertising services, professionalism, honesty and responsibility, always friendly and attentive relationships with the client.