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Outdoor advertising has the effect of so-called "out of home" (OOH), acting on a daily basis to millions of potential buyers out of the home and office. It communicates with the representatives of various social classes and roles, enabling the segmentation of the audience. For example, banners and billboards can affect motorists and vehicle drivers, city-size and pillars - pedestrians.


The functionality of outdoor

 Offering a wide range of different ad formats, outdoor media is focused on how decision oа brand image problems can be effectively achieved  (with the help of large creative images), on the implementation of informative features (advertising concerts, exhibitions and other entertainment events) and sales promotion (information on discounts , sales, seasonal offers, etc.).

Outdoor advertising opportunities

From a marketing point of view, outdoor is really effective for generating traffic of potential customers to stores. Also, the OOH serves excellent local addition to national advertising campaigns, in cases where it is necessary to increase the breadth of coverage of the target audience.