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PR (Public Relations, abbr. PR) - actions taken by organizations independently or in collaboration with professionals aimed at promoting and strengthening the reputation of the business in local community and in society, including consumers, employees and others for the purpose of increasing the value of the organization.

Our agency, as a professional in the advertising industry, offers its services in developing full PR-campaigns, as well as PR support advertising campaigns in the media.

We also offer our professional assistance in planning and executing press events: conferences, seminars, briefings, meetings with journalists, media representatives, press tours, guided tours for journalists to draw attention to the project/brand, as well as dissemination of commercially sensitive information in the media.

Currently, the methods and channels of influence on the target audience have changed significantly, moving to a great extent in the electronic space. This requires a radically new approaches to PR events, when sometimes simple press releases may be inefficient compared to such channels like blogs and social networks.

We will help you find your audience and effective channels of influence!