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Television advertising

Nowadays, television has become the most popular and effective media to promote products and services.

It has been proven for long time and numerous studies have shown that the effectiveness of television advertising significantly increases your advertising campaign. Television in Russia is developing right now very fast, expanding the geography of the broadcast, reaching a wider scope of TV audience, consequently, creating interesting conditions for the promotion of products and services.

It is well known fact, that through television people receive more than 80% of all information. Television provides the ability to show and tell about the advertised product or service, clearly demonstrating their benefits. With the help of television advertising can convey the most important information and draw the attention of your target audience. Professionally-designed advertising campaign on television can create a phenomenal success for advertisers.

Advertising on TV is seen by many as a very expensive investment, but it is actually not in many cases. The cost of placing on federal channels is slightly higher than the cost of ad pages of prestigious magazines, while coverage of the television audience greatly exceeds all existing media. Television advertising is available and it is effective!

There are several types of advertising on television:

Direct advertising - demonstration of commercials in the advertising blocks. In this case, we can provide placement of TV of any level and budget, from the local to federal. We will provide targeted television advertising in any Russian city, you can choose the region of its broadcasting;

Sponsorship - advertising, integrated into a television program through the various options (display of the logo, promotional screensavers, etc.);

Product placement - a demonstration of promotional product, its implementation in the organic plot of the movie or other television product.

Television advertising is sold for the ratings (GRP) or minutes. Ratings indicate the ratio of the number of viewers who saw the concrete advertising message among the total number of the target group. There is the notion of "prime time" when the audience is significantly increased (this is often the time from 19:00 to 24:00 or weekends).

We offer advantageous financial terms for the deployment of 20 national and network channels, the total coverage of which reaches more than half of the population of Russia.

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