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On the 15th of May, 1935 the first subway of the Soviet state was opened, although advertising in the subway originates only from the mid 90s of the last century.

Now it's hundreds of thousands of advertising spaces in various types and formats. Means of visual advertising are seen nowadays on each of the 165 stations on 11 lines of the Moscow underground railway.

There are several types of advertising in the subway:

Ads in the cars (30x40 stickers, 48h12, 35x15). Stickers are placed on the walls (between the window and the door), the bevel (the space between the wall and the ceiling), the carriage doors;

Ads on escalators. Billboards are placed on the escalator walls. Size 1800h1200 boards. This is standard for this type of advertising;

Ads on billboards (light or no light);

Sound ads;

Ads on digital screens.

The effectiveness of advertising in the subway is very high, it reaches the maximum audience coverage and allows contacts with the audience of millions. The benefits of advertising in the metro include low noise information, and as a consequence, the elements of obsession, irritation. The metro works great as a branding and advertising of specific products and services.

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