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Strategic planning


Strategic planning in advertising is the process of developing a concept of brand communication. As a result of this process we can get the vision of the main stages of communication and branding in advertising or in more longer term. Under the brand communication two things are meant: content and communication channels, namely, where and what to say. Media planning, as opposed to strategic planning, answers these questions more detailed - where, how and when the tactical channels at a given time interval convey to the consumer communication message.

Strategic planning enables the integration of work within the agency, it encourages the creation and raising of the efficiency of the creative, media, BTL strategies, ensuring their communications.

Strategic planning defines and makes communication and publicity purposes, showing how in best way to achieve their objectives on the basis of the advertiser, the advertiser's capabilities and its market position and prospects.

Analysis of the market

The analysis of situation in firms or enterprises is the basis for the commercial policy of company. Due to that the necessary expenditures for purchase, production and realization of production in accordance with the possibilities of obtaining the income are analyzed.

In the analysis of market the statistics and the studies of public opinion, data of the economic activity of company, the normative-legal reports of state are adapt. Conducting marketing analysis assumes the market research of goods and services, supply and demand, behavior of users, market situation, price behavior for the purpose of the best advance of its goods.

The analysis of the market for the concrete sector of business and the analysis of competitors is necessary for the  precision determination of the core audience and total number of potential users.
The determination of your share on this market in the comparative analysis with the share of competitors in the same segment of business makes it possible to reveal the strong and weak sides of the general positioning of your goods or services in the comparison with the competitors and their weak and strong sides.
Total analysis and the evaluation of the action of marketing tactics for the advance of your product on this market determines the selection of the most successful directions and solutions of advertising effect on the consumer.
After obtaining the data of the analysis of the segment of market and the comprehensive information about the actions, tactics and the actions of competitors, who act in the adjacent sectors of market, it is possible to avoid the most common errors and to use only successful procedures, which will give the most victorious results.


Communicational strategy

Concept of positioning is the key idea which always underlies the communicational strategy. It determines the basic idea, which we must simply not only optimally report to the target audience, but also determine certain motives to the acquisition of goods or service.Communicational strategy is built on three components, which determine construction and development of brends:
  • marketing strategy
  • creative strategy
  • media strategies

Marketing strategy or strategy of constructing the brend is based on analysis, which gives the knowledge about the potential users, the competitors and the product itself. These knowledge becomes the basis of the concepts of positioning the brend.

On the stage of the creative strategy occurs the image of brand, the models of perception and the elements of filling the brend are developed. The key creative idea is formed, which will be attractive and close to the target audience and will become the the basis of dialogue between consumer and the brand.


Media strategy

Within the media-strategy occurs the selection of the communicational carriers, with the help of which advertising communication will be reported to the target audience. The strategy of media usage is developing and the budget of the advertizing campaign is optimizing. The selection of advertising carriers on each media is achieved, channels are determined, radio stations, publications, the role of each carrier is determined.

Media strategy includes the determination of the audience range, the frequency of contact with the advertising message, selection of media and their interaction in the course of advertising company, the period of advertising campaign, its budget and the type of advertising.


Media planning

Media planning is a successively developed scheme for the best ways to spread messages through different media.The study of market trends and brand positioning, analysis of consumer characteristics and preferences allows us to determine a strategy and to develop a scheme for the most efficient useage of various media.

In media planning, primarily, the information about the product is collected and analyzed, the target audience is specified, geography, distribution and so on. After that, based on the collected data, different options for advertising campaign is analyzed, selecting the most optimal from the others so to bring maximum efficiency in achieving the objectives of the media, on the basis of the available advertising budget, as well as the parameters of the effective frequency and reach. Carrying out specific choice of advertising media within the specified media, the choice of a particular radio or tv channels or magazines is made. Next, the period of the campaign is specified, as well as the intensity of the cycle of advertising messages, because mainly there are peak phases and periods of recession as well, according to the objectives of the campaign.

On the basis of this work a single document is performed - a media plan that is clearly defined in budget and in calendar.